About me

Start from junior web designer in small startup at 2013 to product designer in big travel company. Designing interfaces for different product companies like Paymentwall, Fareportal and partly freelancing for startups and small/mid businesses. Passionate about remote working, minimalism, and learning. Below are three my life focuses, which form me as a person and change my life forever

👪 Family

My main focus is my family. I’m father of one lovely son and lovely wife. They always inspire and support me in difficult situations

🎨 Design

I self-made designer. I don't have masters degree in prestige design university (I have masters degree in Management operations), but it’s did not stop me becoming a good designer and only increasing passion to learn more. Never stop learning it’s my one of the favorite quote. My teachers are top companies and designers in digital world

🏔 Travel

Main inspiration and life experience comes from traveling and live on other countries. I tried to travel with my family as much as possible and like to share my stories in Instagram. I visited more than 20 cities in 14 countries and my best travel experience was living in Asia (Koh Samui, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Singapore) during 4 months with my wife and baby

Ukraine • Poland • Germany • Czech Republic • Netherlands • France • Russian Federation • Bulgaria • Turkey • Egypt • Thailand • Malaysia • Singapore • Indonesia